Additive Manufacturing



3D printing work cell with FFF (filament) and SLA (resin) printers.
A technical partnership with Hale Mountain Research LLC allows Polar Composite Corporation to use the latest methods and opportunities to integrate additive manufacturing into the design and manufacturing process. This reduces lead time, lowers cost, and provides the highest value possible in nonrecurring engineering costs to our customers.

FDM printers (resolution and size) up to 315mm x 200mm x 250mm in a single part. Layer heights from 400 down to 40 microns, .2mm accuracy,1mm minimum feature size in certain applications, over 40 types of thermoplastic including nylon, ABS, polycarbonate, HIPS, chopped glass and carbon reinforced.

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SLA printers (resolution and size) up to 145mm x 145mm x 175mm. Layer heights from 100 down to 25 microns, .6mm minimum wall thickness, .1mm embossed details, .4mm engraved details .3mm minimum feature size .13mm accuracy. Prints in clear, white, gray, and black acrylate resins are available. Engineered resins optimized for toughness, durability, flexibility, dental requirements, and casting pattern burnout are also available.

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